Welcome to the home of “Harmonica Boot Camp, the revolutionary harmonica instruction manual developed for absolute beginners.

In this book you will learn to:

  • Breathe CorrectlyHarmonica Coot Camp

  • Play Single Notes

  • “Bend” Notes

  • Read Harmonica “Tab”

  • Play “Old Favorites”

  • Play With Backing Tracks

  • “Jam” With Other Musicians

  • Play in 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Positions

  • And LOTS MORE!

This revolutionary harmonica instruction book and audio cd package is written entirely from the viewpoint of an absolute beginner.

With Dennis as instructor and Sandra as writer and narrator, our harmonica lessons teach you how to play harmonica and beyond, step-by-step .

This book and 75-minute audio CD package is designed for folks  ranging from absolute beginners with no musical knowledge to seasoned harmonica players who want to learn a better way to breathe, how to “bend” notes, and to read harmonica tablature.

Our easy harmonica lessons teach you how to play harmonica well, bend notes, play songs in first and second position, and master basic harmonica techniques.